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 Sexy Pixes is a pixel based typeface. Inspired by the feminine curves of serifs ant the edges of the 2000´s digitalisation.
 things we love + things we hate is a publication about body positivity. book design,art direction, production and photography.
 Corporate Identity for SALAMAN, a delicatessen shop in Vienna.
 "not my type" is an encyclopedia about the most influential typefaces.every chapter is layouted in the correspondingly typeface and is also introduced by a type poster. this book design experiments with various layouts, outside the classical grids.
 Logo for "ethical ESTHETICS.", a platform about sustainability in the design field.
 minimalistic and abstract website I realized for Giannina Herion, a PR consultant working in the contemporary art, design, digital culture and architecture field.
 poster designer for ot_posterwall, a wonderful project created by charlotte and jonas from studio othertypes.
 „büro BLANCHE“ is an architecture office based in Berlin and Munich. The studio was founded in winter 2020 and is focused on minimalistic buildings and sustainability.
 this booklet is an info graphic of an electronic track produced by ellen alien & apparat, called "turbo dreams". every sound is detailed represented by a typographic special character. every page shows 30 seconds of the track. the book binding is done handmade with a sewing machine.
 Corporate Identity for "AGIC", an association of tourist guides of the Island of Capri in Italy.
 "urban dinner with franky" is a photo editorial shot in berlin in july 2019. the portraits of frank künster, the protagonist of the documentary film "berlin bouncer", released a couple of months before, want to represent the urban lifestyle of berlin's nightlife. the concept is inspired by a statement of franky himself, where he affirmed he dinner always alone at christmas.
 new visual identity, poster campaign, employee magazine and website for the 100 years of wald-klinikum gera, a private clinic in thüringen, germany.
 "pixel serif" is a typeface inspired and based on garamond, one of the oldest typefaces of the world. the characteristic of pixel serif is the mix between classicism and trash. Aa 012345666789 !&?)/$...
 masculism is the oppisite of feminism. our society is used to predict how people have to act, how a gender should act. men have to be strong, don´t show their feeling, don´t cry, they have to wear a mask. that's what i call emotional pokerface. this animated poster about toxic masculinity is inspired by a netflix documentary film called "the mask you live in" by jennifer iebel.
 "creatives should work for being free" is an animated poster created for the competition "graphic matters" in breda (nl). with this poster i want to tell you that creatives do their job not only for fun. of course we love what we do, but creativity is also linked with so much hard work and frustration. it is so difficult to be satisfied with your own works, but that’s what makes possible your personal growth. ps: please do not contact me for unpaid jobs!
 Business cards.
 "bla bla magazine" is a magazine about my free art works. in the whole book you will find only "blablabla" as text. the works tell the story, so the description in not relevant.
 boring skin is a tattoo home studio based in berlin. for getting an appointment sent a mail to or contact me via instagram @boringskin. i do not accept every booking. the design should fit my style and i tattoo every design only once. price suggestion depend on size, design and time investment. for every kind of questions, just contact me.
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